Lynette Ricker


When Lynette Ricker joined the centre she brought her cheerful and positive temperament.
It is with a rich pious, animal or landscape iconography that she started her artistic career. The genre subsequently adopted by this prolific artist is portrayal, inspired by the images surrounding her.
Often set in an imaginary but realistic environment, her characters have the amazing ability to duplicate their personalities, or, rather, at each moment, the artist grants them, for the time of a story, a different personality.
On sketches hastily drawn with charcoal, she applies colour, generously spread out on some places while elsewhere absent.
The whole work is then enhanced with multiple strokes of chalk, sometimes charcoal, giving an incredible life to the inhabitants of her works.
Lynette Ricker approaches expressionist painting with an incredible naivety that no child could ever compete with.
Lynette Ricker attended the CRÉAHM-BXL ateliers from 1990 to 2005. Lynette Ricker died in 2017.

Lynette Ricker
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