Anne Bothuon


A humanity sewn with white thread
I use padding and cloth to shape my sculptures, my characters.
Like a Greek Parque, dot by dot, knot by knot, strap by strap, a body appears, not a body in its full glory, but a body everyone has in common with its imperfections and flaws, at the opposite of the ideal image praised by the media.
The fact that I choose to sculpt at the real scale sends the spectator back to himself like a mirror. This body, common and peculiar, reflects the pure intimacy and universality of its nature. Exchanges of glances, embroidered glances!
Without any support, but feet on the ground, they seem to fly in a state of weightlessness or fall off balance, as light as they are powerful. The tinted and embroidered tarlatan gauze matches their skin tone with a delicate transparency.
Far from the contemporary technology trends, I have chosen thread and needle for my work in order to put the human being at the centre of my interest.

Anne Bothuon is a sculptor who models an atypical material: padding and cloth.
After her training at ENSATT (National School of Theatre Arts and Techniques, rue Blanche) and ESAA Duperré Applied Arts, she started working on scenography and sculpture.
His favourite subject is the body which is both the most intimate but also the most universal thing we possess.
She exposes all over France and abroad. She shares her time between Les Lilas (93260) and Le Conquet (29217). She is born in Brest (Finistère) in 1964

Anne Bothuon
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