Expo#14 – Wrap up 2

December 03, 2022 - December 23, 2022

“Wrap Up 2” will be a special exhibition. It will bring together the artists who have exposed at the gallery this year, 2022.

“Wrap Up 2” will highlight the contemporary artists, with different backgrounds and unusual styles, who have given me the chance to have a wonderfull 2022 year.

Thanks to Nicolas Cluzel, Anne Bothuon, Eric Herrmann, Véronique Melotto, Petra Werlé, Michel Vranckx, Isabelle Malmezat, Sylvain Corentin, les Staelens, Jérome Delépine, Sabrina Gruss et Victor Soren for their trust.

Wrap Up, from Dec 3 till Dec 23.

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